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Why are Axles Bent/Curved?

Why are Axles Bent/Curved?

What is Axle Camber? Are Axles Supposed to Bend? In short, yes. The "bend" in an axle is called the Camber. (This is not to be confused with V-Bend; the small downward bend in the axle's center. Usually, done for cargo clearance, in applications like boats. The Camber...

Axle Flip: Why NOT to do it

Axle Flip: Why NOT to do it

What is Axle Flipping?DISCLAIMER: HSI Duratek does NOT recommend flipping trailer axles, it is very dangerous.  Can Axles be Flipped? It is not recommended, but it can be done. “Flipping” is a term used to refer to taking the spring, usually mounted below the axle,...

What are Drop Axles?

What are Drop Axles?

Image Above: Diagram of a drop axle vs. a straight axle, shown from the front. The Low-Down on Drop Axles Drop axles are similar to standard spring axles, but the spindles at the end of the tube bend up. This puts the hub higher up, generally lowering the axle closer...